Recommended CBD Dosages

Recommended CBD Dosages

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Recommended CBD Dosages in Vape 420 Market

Here at Vape 420 Market the chart will give you a general idea of to how much CBD you should vape, based on your body weight. Therefore, Always start low, and gradually work your way up until you find a satisfactory dosage for you.

Recommended CBD Dosages

Have in mind, your dosage is subject to change based on the condition you are treating . Also, these dosages are for taking CBD orally, so if you’re vaping it, you won’t need as much, due to the higher bio availability of vaped CBD. Here are a few recommended doses:

  • Increase appetite in cancer patients – 2.5 mg CBD (best when combined at a 1:1 ratio with THC, if it’s available where you live)
  • Chronic pain – 2.5-20 mg CBD
  • Epilepsy – 200-300 mg CBD
  • Sleep disorders – 40-160 mg CBD
  • Social anxiety – 40-300 mg

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